Susan Kennicott

Growing up in the Midwest gave Susan Kennicott a love for the bright, vibrant colors of nature.

An illness during her sophomore year at Western Illinois University forced her to take a break. Kennicott, an art major, never returned to school as she pursued her passion through workshops and experimentation.

Kennicott developed a love for acrylics, enjoying their quick drying times and broad selections of mediums.

“My paintings take on an energy of their own as I work to give the feeling of depth in each piece,’’ Kennicott said. “Using fluid acrylics, I layer thin transparent layers to achieve the depth while popping bright opaques to make the edges come forward. I never know what journey each painting will take. As each piece evolves, they take on a feeling of excitement and energy.  Art is a growing of the mind, body and soul. It constantly is teaching the artist there are no boundaries.”