Susan Carden Flicker

Born with a severe hearing loss in both ears, my visual senses were aroused by the beauty of fine art taught by knowledgeable teachers in my early years through college. Since 1995, I continued my Fine Arts education by attending classes/workshops taught by award-winning Artists in Connecticut and Florida: Barbara Beck, Carol Ganick, Jill Nichols, Bob Norieka, Bernie McTigue, Dick McEvoy, Lou Bonamarte, Iain Stewart, Pat Weaver, Steve & Janet Rogers, Sue Archer, and Rose Edin. 

I aim to paint my impressions of what I see and feel in my landscapes, seascapes, and local wildlife. I am 

an avid birdwatcher and a keen observer of their patterns of behavior. My fondness for animals allows me to imbue the personality of each pet in their commissioned portraits to the owners' delight. I also create art on a miniscule scale by creating landscapes, flora and fauna on miniature canvas paintings that are displayed on miniature easels, currently located in galleries in both Connecticut and Florida. 

Much of my artwork has been shown in numerous galleries in Connecticut and Florida for art exhibitions. One of my oil paintings created while attending Paier College of Art, was juried into the Student's Annual Art Show held at the Society of Illustrator's Gallery in New York City. 

"Watercolor and Acrylic are my mediums of choice because of the vibrant colors and the moods that can be invoked from these paint mediums. I love painting Landscapes, Seascapes, and Local Wildlife because of the ever changing nature that surrounds us and I want to capture the essence of it "