"Venice Byway" 


Jim Kalupa

Photo Art Framed Print - 11" x 14" print in a 14" x 18" frame 



About the artist:

Travel and photography have been two lifelong passions that have influenced Jim Kalupa’s art.

“In traveling the world for more than 40 years, Alice, my wife and companion for more than 40 years, and my camera are always with me,’’ Kalupa said. “One on either side.”


“The artist with a paint brush creates his own world,’’ Kalupa said. “The film photographer works his magic through the camera lens and in the dark room. Many traditionalists of both media remain true to their preferred art forms and dismiss any degree of metamorphosis.’’

That doesn’t have to be the case. 


”Today, digital imaging offers countless creative options that allow greater freedom of expression limited only by the photo artist’s ability and imagination,’’ Kalupa said. “My work runs an eclectic range from straight photos to those slightly tweaked in sharpness and exposure to a collection of images running a gamut of transformation according to my whim at the time.’’


”With a library in the thousands of images, I am sharing some of my work with those who enjoy the beauty of 21st Century  photography,’’ Kalupa said.

"Venice Byway" by Jim Kalupa

SKU: JKA-041
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