Nicholas Roberts

Melbourne based painter and drawer of things, Nicholas Roberts, works in a wide variety of mediums to portray surrealism and dreamlike visions of otherworldly dimensions. He also has a passion for realism and painting from life. Roberts’ use of bold colors and a fine attention to detail invites the viewer to get closer and spend time with the artwork. His mediums of choice are acrylic and oil. He can also be found working in pen and ink, watercolor, and graphite.


As a 2010 UCF graphic design graduate with a focus in illustration and someone who still currently works in that field, Nicholas has been heavily influenced by the golden age of comics, graphical storytellers, and popular culture. In his career as a freelance illustrator, Nicholas has had the opportunity to create published work for the band The Flaming Lips, musician Andrew Bird, several space mission patches, and the popular t-shirt sites Threadless and Teefury.


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