Now - Open for Submissions 

April 25, 2020 – Deadline for submissions

April 30, 2020 – Artists Notified

May 8 - June 5, 2020 – Exhibition

May 8 from 6-8 pm – Awards Ceremony and Reception


ELIGIBLE WORKS: Original black and white photography presented on stretched canvas prints or matted and framed prints only.  D-Hooks and wire are required. Any piece larger then 16” x 20” that is framed must be plexiglass not glass.  


All photographers (18 years and older) are eligible to enter three works.


Non-Members will be charged $20 per entry and $15 for each additional entry.  

Members will be charged $10 per entry and $5 for each additional entry. 

Up to three entries per artist.  



  • CONSIGNMENT SALES. The Art Gallery of Viera is operated on consignment. The Art Gallery of Viera will retain a 30% commission fee from non-member photographers for work that is sold from the MONOCULTURE exhibition. A 25% commission fee will be retained from member artists for work that is sold from the MONOCULTURE exhibition. Photographer are responsible for determining the price of the work and should factor the commission rate into the final selling prices.

  • PAYMENT. Payment to the artist is made by the 15th of the current month for all work sold during the previous month. A list of items sold will be attached to the paycheck so that artists can easily update their inventory.

  • NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE. All sales are final; however every effort should be made to attain customer satisfaction with items sold.

  • THEFT OR BREAKAGE. While every effort is made to keep work safe while in our care, the Art Gallery of Viera does not insure consigned gallery items and is not liable for loss or damage due to any cause. It is the artists' responsibility to insure his or her work.



  • ARTIST INVENTORY. Photographers' inventory will remain in the Art Gallery of Viera shop until the end of the exhibition. The Gallery will have sole responsibility for hanging and displaying all photographers’ works, but will work with the photographer on any special handling needs. All photography must be ready for display.

  • TAGGING. Photography should be labeled with the artist’s name and title of the work, and the submission form should be filled out in full.

  • STORAGE. Any photographers' work not picked up at the end of an exhibition will be stored at the Art Gallery of Viera for a period of one (1) week. If at the end of that time the photographer has not picked up their work and has not provided any notice, the item(s) will become the property of the Art Gallery of Viera.