Kenneth Pederson

Ken Pederson began painting in oil in 1969.  In 1974 he opened his own gallery but it didn’t last very long.  However, that was how he met a woman who was shaping styrofoam and pouring oil-based enamel on it.  The colors were more vibrant than oil or acrylic, so he began experimenting with oil-based enamel.  He quickly found out why no one works in oil-based enamel.  1) It runs off the canvas.  2)  Even if you get it perfectly level, it pools in the middle and cracks when it dries.  3)  Each color has a different specific gravity.  As it dries, some colors sink while some colors rise and spread.  He found solutions for each problem.  The biggest breakthrough was pressing glass onto the still wet painting.  He did several paintings, then left it alone for 25 years.


He took early retirement from the phone company in 2001 and began life as a full time landscape photographer in Colorado, and also began painting again.  He started doing Art Shows and had his photos placed in 5 different galleries around the state.  By 2002, his art show booth became paintings instead of photographs, and he began placing his paintings in different galleries, most notably in “Canaan Gallery” in Southglen Mall in Littleton, CO.  He was the featured artist for one opening in Gunnison, CO and twice was co-featured artist in Littleton, CO and Castle Rock, CO.  He moved to Melbourne in 2013 and has done 5 shows in Florida.


His favorite and most popular paintings are landscapes based on photos he took.  He also does flowers, running horses, religious themed, tropical, whimsical, patriotic, and abstract.  “It’s all about experimenting with the medium, since nobody else is painting with oil-based enamel on glass.”