George White

I am George White and I feel like I was born to be a potter.

I have often joked with my mother Anne White Scruggs that we must carry on a genetic link to a long line of potters. We share similar forms in our minds as if shared visions which we are somehow predisposed to being able to create on a potter’s wheel from spinning clay and water.

It was in our home studios, first in Great Falls, MT and later in Louisville, KY and Nashville, that I would watch my mother fulfill her dream of being a production potter. I picked up pottery in the late 1970s at UT Knoxville as she was instrumental in reviving Bell Buckle, TN into an artist’s community. She was owner, and potter, at Bell Buckle Crafts for more than 25 years where she would sell our collaborative pieces thrown by me which she would carve with patterns and into animal forms.

We continued that collaboration for 15 years at Horse Creek Pottery in Melbourne. Now that my mother has retired and returned to Tennessee, I am proud to continue the family legacy of creating with clay by exploring a variety of raku firing effects and functional pieces.