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Erin Fox

I'm is an acrylic and resin artist from Rockledge, Florida. As a native Floridian who grew up on the Indian River, my work is inspired by the ocean and Space Coast culture. I would say that many of my pieces that incorporate the fluid pour technique are pre-meditated happy “accidents.”


I'm grateful for my husband Mike who cuts me all the custom shapes I ask for.


About My Process 
It's a messy meditation. No piece is ever the same. 


Most of my pieces start with a layer of acrylic paint and water using the popular fluid pour (flow) technique. I then coat each piece in resin and depending on the piece, I will embed sand or gemstones or use paint pens to further develop my idea. I also skip the acrylic pour part of the process and put pigments directly in the resin and use a heat gun to move the colors around.