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Creating is my life!  My art is a visual expression of who I am and a reflection of my life experience.  It has given me meaning and purpose since I was a small child and is a window into my soul.


I received my art education from Phoenix College in Arizona and continued my studies with classes and workshops in Boca Raton and Vero Beach, Florida.


I have worked with many mediums throughout the years; charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, oil and acrylic.  I am currently consumed with finding new ways to create despite losing the use of my hands due to the very rare disease of Scleroderma.


I enjoy the physical act of spontaneously creating a large piece.  It requires a mental presence that anchors me to the moment. As the picture takes shape, I begin to enter into a “flow” state and the image begins to emerge, expressing both itself and me.  Painting is an act of discovery and I am often surprised when I stand back and view the work later. It is this state of artistic transcendence that truly engages and defines me.


I hope that something in my art will speak to you, ignite your imagination or even inspire you.