I was born and raised here in Florida. People know me by my nickname Chetty. I have always loved to draw since a young age. I use to draw a lot of pokemon before, after and during school haha. Once I got into high school I started surfing and I would always spray paint designs on my surfboards. Since then I have picked up tattooing and acrylic painting. I am self taught, lots of trial and error and tons of practice. 


I get inspired by pop culture, bright colors, paint splatters, drips, graffiti, etc. I love to do large scale paintings and I try to go for a one of a kind look. I usually paint on canvas or wood of any size. Love doing large scale! This is my first year really stepping into the art world and I am really excited to see where it takes me. 


For now you can find some of my art at Highnoon Tattoo shop in downtown Melbourne,BurgerRock Media in downtown Los Angeles, my instagram and of course the Art gallery of Viera! 


Instagram Handle: Chettytheartist