Masks have become a constant reality in today's society and a part of modern fashion.  Like it or not masks are now common accessories and for many workers it is a required part of the uniform.  They can be looked at as hope, safety and also a reminder of the pain and suffering happening all around us.  They can bring feelings of security and at times discomfort. Bottom line they carry a mixed bag of emotions and AvantMask is an opportunity to share those very feelings.
We invite you to express yourself and create your interpretation of the now common face mask into a piece of wearable art.


Whether it's leather, silk, chains or fabric just make it exciting, thought provoking and wearable.  Wood, twine, rope or any other material you can imagine can be used to produce your Avant-guard mask.  

AvantMask is not intended to create masks for actual safety or everyday use but to evolve the idea of a mask into a work of art.



FIRST ROUND :   Five finalists per age group will be chosen by the public via an online vote.  Voting will take place between Sept. 30 - Oct. 3  


FINAL ROUND :   One winner per age group will be selected by the JURY by Oct 9.


All winners will be notified of the final decision before Oct. 9.
All finalists and winners work will be on display at the gallery exhibition from Oct. 9 - Nov. 1.